Why Dance?

DanceApp brings the benefits of ballroom dancing to your fingertips. We were pleasantly surprised at the many additional ways in which our lives were enriched through becoming part of the dance community:

  1. Socialization - Most new students look to take their new skills to a specific venue such as a cruise, wedding or party. What we discovered was that there were also additional opportunities for socialization such as studio parties, dance competitions and clubs. Ladies and gentlemen alike will be pleased to know that dancers LIKE to dance. Foe men, good manners and gentlemanly behavior are rewarded by a "Yes, thank you" response. For ladies, ballroom dance provides the ability to enjoy dance and music in a genteel environment.

  2. Fitness - Dancing never feels like exercise. However, participation in practice sessions and drills, private/group lessons and social events provides an incredible amount of aerobic exercise and physical conditioning. Many dancers experience weight loss and muscle toning benefits as a direct by-product of participating in practices and lessons.

  3. Agility - Dance steps and movements require using muscles and postures which are new to most people. The end result is that your body will become more flexible and nimble. Increased grace and posture result from sound dance mechanics.

  4. Mental Acuity - Dancing demands a high level of mental energy. Planning pattern movements, lines of direction and appropriate responses to floor conditions and partner directions hone a dancer's cognitive skills. Studies have confirmed side benefits such as staving off Alzheimer's.

  5. Confidence and Self Esteem - the combination of increased mental and physical capabilities is an extraordinary boost to one's self confidence. Dancing skills can be readily transferred to other sports and leisure activities.

  6. Look Better - proper dance posture and carriage add to improved physical conditioning to result in a dynamic, new you. Straighter spines, balanced footwork and arm-framing all result in the person your parents expected when saying "Stand up straight". Better posture results in a more attractive figure and a healthier skeleton.

  7. Have Fun - last, but not least, dancing is FUN! Music, companionship and increased personal activity levels all combine to enrich your lifestyle in ways you could not have imagined.

Start today with DanceApp as your personal and mobile dance companion. After you learn the fundamentals of core dances, you will be able to expand your interests and skills in many ways in both private and public settings. Dance App Studio encourages you to further your learning by seeking professional instruction at your local "Dancesport" studio.

Dancing will make your life better.