Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will DanceApp be available?

    DanceApp is now available on the App Store..

  2. How do I purchase the application?

    The application is purchased as any iPhone or iPad application by connecting to the App Store from your device or from iTunes.

  3. What do I get with the free version?

    The free version will give you a taste for how extensively we have improved over existing applications by fully leveraging the power of your iOS device. The free version will provide you access to a single pattern for the "belle dame" of all ballroom dances - the Waltz.

  4. How many dances come with the DanceApp Full Suite version?

    When you purchase DanceApp, you get six dances: Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Foxtrot and East Coast Swing.

  5. How do I get more dances?

    If you purchase a starter version (e.g. DanceApp Waltz Starter), you can add dances in bundles or singly from the Studio.

  6. Where do the songs in the application come from?

    One of our key design goals was to leverage the power of your iPod application on your device to provide you access to real songs instead of made-up music. We have pre-selected three songs for each dance which synchronize with the show animations on our dance floor. YOU NEED TO ENSURE THAT THESE SONGS ARE LEGALLY PURCHASEDFROM iTunes AND ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUR IPOD LIBRARY ON YOUR IOS DEVICE.

  7. Do I have to purchase the songs?

    Yes, you can connect to selected songs in iTunes from within DanceApp and purchase songs as for any other music.

  8. How can my company show as a sponsor in the DanceApp store?

    We would like to connect new dancers with products from vendors who specialize in dance apparel, shoes and other accessories. Potential sponsors should use our contact page to request sponsorship information.

  9. How do I report problems with the software?

    Once again please use our contact page to report software defects and ideas for improvement. We will evaluate your feedback and provide updates on a quarterly basis.

  10. Who is Colorado Dancesport?

    Colorado Dancesport is one of the leading dance instruction studios in the United States. Their owners Harmony Lyris and Robert Nardozza are both award-winning professionals who have created a very special learning environment for potential dancers - both amateur and professional. Our dances include videos which feature Robert and fellow professionals Lindsey Dechant, Mitchel Kibel and Heather Nazarian. Please see for more information.