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Description Price  
DanceApp Waltz Starter
Start with the Waltz, then add the remaining five dances from within the application for $4.99 each.
DanceApp Tango Starter
Start with the Tango, then add the remaining five dances from within the application for $4.99 each. Special introductory price.
DanceApp Full Suite
All six great dances discounted by 33% from $29.94

DanceApp Paid Edition Features


Pick one of our starter apps, then add additional dances when you are ready or purchase all six dances at once.

DanceApp delivers the most comprehensive foundation for beginners to learn and quickly enjoy the benefits of dance. DanceApp will help you prepare for weddings, cruises, parties or provide you with a valuable mobile dance companion to support your formal instruction at a dance studio.

DanceApp features:

  • 6 classic ballroom dances: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha and East Coast Swing.
  • 24 patterns.
  • 200-plus videos featuring professional dancers.
  • A multi-media animated floor to learn dance steps.
  • A library of useful books to provide background information on ballroom dancing as well as each of our featured dances.
  • iPod song integration which allows you to learn dances using real music by popular artists.
  • Coaching tips to describe how your movements should be perfected.
  • 84 song suggestions for your dancing pleasure.
  • Detailed glossary of dance terms with supporting videos and images.

DanceApp is designed by a team of software experts and experienced professional and competitive amateur dancers to ensure you get the highest level of dance coaching, as well as the greatest user experience possible.