DanceApp Studio, Inc. was formed to introduce dancers of all ages to the fundamentals of modern-day ballroom dancing using the power of mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The DanceApp product starts with six foundation dances from the American Smooth and Rhythm style of ballroom dance. These dances provide a foundation for new dancers to learn many more dances as most dances use variations of the basic patterns and steps found here.

Our product development team consists of seasoned dance instructors from Colorado Dancesport (, as well as amateur dance students and competitors along with experts in videography, graphic design and software development.

All members of our team share a passion for dance and range in ages from the 20s to the 50s, thereby providing a multi-generational perspective on ballroom dancing.

  Producers & Design Team: Lindsey Dechant, Mitchel Kibel, Jay Malik, Liesa Malik & Ron Summers
  Graphics and Video: Travis Archer, All Abuzz Graphic Arts
  Professional Dance Artists: Lindsey Dechant, Mitchel Kibel, Robert Nardozza, & Heather Papazian
  Software Development: Jay Malik, Ron Summers
  Dance Consultants: Harmony Lyris, Robert Nardozza (co-owners of Colorado Dancesport)

DanceApp Studio thanks:

Thank you for providing inspiration, great teachers and for fostering a passion for dance among all your staff and your students.